Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sam Final

 We (students) got given a line from a book about a charcater called Sam. The whole back round needed to be black and white and Sam was the only subject to be in colour. Sam also had adorn a certain striped top and wore red Converse bumpers. My line was "Dropped to the ground... and then....". I didn't want Sam to be the usual sort of thing so I invented him as a strange sort of creature...in red bumpers!

Here is the final result.


  1. The background is looooovely! How did you do it?

    (the rest of it is also good...!)

  2. Thank you, Thats a very nice thing to say Mr McLean. The back round was achieved with good old fashioned paper, glue, charcoal and tea!!! ha ha. To tie it in with my line from the sam book (dropped to the ground) I researched descriptions of gravity and water then changed the font. Stuck it down, stained with tea and then rubbed charcoal all over it.