Monday, 16 April 2012

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Here is the final image of my entry into the Penguin Book Cover competition. The Nurse Ratchet character is blocking the way of the eyes gaze and its smaller male characters at the bottom. The function of the door is a two way mechanism... Unless it is blocked or obstructed.

I opted for the simple image but with its Nurse Ratchet character being a domineering and controling influence. Despite being female during the time depicted she reigns supreme ( as do the other female characters) belittling the male patients.

First sketches being put together.

The image after being painted and with a visit to the photoshop salon!

And below the completed and finished book cover. 

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Swarovski Competition

Here is my design for the Swarovski Competition. The inspiration came from a combination of nautical things but the main one of the film director James Cameron reaching the furthest depths of the ocean. I began to wonder what is below in the untouched waters. 

This was for the fashion range Swarovski wanted to promote. So the image had to be stylish with a model typed edge on it. The main subject had to be beautiful yet strange, Just like many of the creature at the bottom of the sea.

Triumph Bra Campaign

We had to design an ad campaign for the Triumph bra company encouraging women to have regular bra fittings to ensure they are experiencing the best support and comfort from their bar. 

It can be an embarrassing topic for some ladies so the design had to have a pretty, lighthearted joke, alongside the message.

There are a variety of shapes and sizes in women in all areas, including the breast department! I began to research the pet names for breasts... Tits and Boobies (also a bird) were the popular pet names of choice so decided to follow the path of the Tits!!

There are a wide variety of Tit species. This mirrors the variety of shapes and sizes in women's breasts. The final image had to be pretty and fun but not too obvious. 

Socks socks socks!!

The competition brief was very free and unrestrictive. It was almost a bit daunting to create a design with no guides but here is what I came up with. A fun design with a mouse who has hit the jackpot!! 

I wanted to create a sock design that I myself would buy if I saw them in a shop or swipe them from my sisters sock drawer! We were allowed to use 5 colours and no more. This was due to the production process. Over all I think the design is fun!

Feel Good Drinks


Here is my competition entry for The Feel Good Drinks competition. I took the idea from the restriction of the sugar into their drinks and always allowed fruit to sweeten it rather than extra sugar. 

My aim was the create an image that the bottle provided the most colour and fun and the rest should be toned down. The sugar especially had to look bland and boring but with character. I chose three stereotypical reactions of people when they have been refused entry into their desired place!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Cute Monster Competition

A friend on my course brought this competition to my attention. The brief was to design a cute monster for a t-shirt for Deviant Art. Although I am not a huge fan of cute... I find it equally as hard to draw it! Despite it being a competition it seemed to hold more fun than some of the others.

I tried to create a character that wasn't obviously shaped, hence the nickname 'turnip monster!'

The image above is for the back of the t-shirt. Nothing too obvious but something for the eyes!

Science Meets Art Competition

I wanted to create a simple but informative piece of work that relates to us all. The Idea of being healthy no matter what shape, size or age you are was my main starting point. If we ensure we take regular exercise and eat healthy we help ourselves to remain healthy. We are all made of the same stuff!!