Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sam Final

 We (students) got given a line from a book about a charcater called Sam. The whole back round needed to be black and white and Sam was the only subject to be in colour. Sam also had adorn a certain striped top and wore red Converse bumpers. My line was "Dropped to the ground... and then....". I didn't want Sam to be the usual sort of thing so I invented him as a strange sort of creature...in red bumpers!

Here is the final result.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Editorial Pieces

This piece was to enhance the article 

"How To Undo..." 

This is an editorial piece for the article- 

"How To Be Conceited"

This is another editorial piece about small victories can bring more happiness than one large one.

"Small Victories/Achievements" 

Friday, 21 October 2011

Spam Project...Spam!

This is the image...Notice no black wonderful brilliant black key lines!!!

editorial piece

This image is for our editorial project. Bear in mind (grrrr) its a rough!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

summer project 2011

This man is always outside his home on Newark Road. The fan of the Halloween look and comforted by his beer can he can be found on google maps. He was drawn in the style of Raoul Dufy.

This woman was spotted in Canada. I love the way her hair balances out her curves! Created in the style of Ronald Searle.

This reminds me of my old pooch! The illustrator that I chose to do this image in was John Kenn. There is no shading involved, just a series of lines being drawn in different ways to provide a selection of tonal contrasts. 

 This man was the first ever real cowboy I have ever seen. I chose to do this character in the style of Hans Bellmer. However, those who know Bellmers work will know it is always of a sexual nature and didn't seem fitting with a cowboy! So I decided to design with cowboy paraphernalia. 

 Possibly my favorite character. I will just call him Dude as he encapsulates this word term in every sense. Spotted mulling about on a pavement in Toronto with his friends. Once realised he was spotted waved! I drew him in the style of Tim Burton.

  This man is somewhat of a local legend character. Known as the pigeon man he walks the streets of Lincoln dressed head to toe in fur, Leather gloves and fur slippers or boots, regardless of the temperature! He is drawn in the style of Cassandra Rhodin.

Another piece in the style of Hans Bellmer. Bellmer's work is very sexualised and dark, with strong visual links to death.  I tried to catch this in this image. The speech bubbles in the back round with deco edgings symbolising how conversations are spoken today compared to the past.

Same subject as above but in the style of Cassandra Rhodin.

This is done in the style of Dholl. The character does not have pupils yet possesses a personality. The fact that he wears a gas mask while reading the paper suggests this mask is very normal. 

the cocktail party project

Here is a Final Super styled image that incorporates all of the characters from my summer 2011 project.

After painting the backround some techniques were tested. 

The Final Super,
The Final Piece.